Workshop Itinerary

Day 1:

8 hours
Guided assembly of 3D printer kits. Individuals and small teams work together to assemble their own 3D printers from over 150 parts, all the while learning basic electronics and fabrication.

Day 2:

8 hours
Hands-on orientation. covering everything from 3D printing basics (operation, software and print troubleshooting) to advanced subjects (custom machine coding and hardware modification). Participants take their printers home at the end of the workshop.

Workshop Pricing

(paid by individual participant)

Workshop + 3D Printer ................................................................$1800.00

Includes 3D Printer kit, 1kg of PLA & all tools and software needed to begin 3D Printing

Payment Type

Individual participants purchase workshop seats & 3D Printer kits online through a custom event page for each individual venue. The registration deadline for participants is typically one month in advance of the workshop.

In what ways is the host venue involved with organizing Buildclass?


This typically involves a combination of email newsletters, social media, and postering. Buildclass provides a ready-to-use package of material for these purposes. Promotion typically runs for 2 - 3 weeks.


A room large enough to accommodate the workshop is needed for the event. Each participant requires about 4’ of table space.


Do I need to know anything about 3D printing to take the class?

The class is very beginner friendly - we often have people register who have no experience with 3D printing or with fabrication in general. The class covers all of the fundamentals needed.

Do the participants/venue need to provide any tools?

Buildclass provides all tools and software needed for the workshop. Participants need to bring their own laptop to use to control their printer.

Can teams build printers?

Yes! But more than 3 can be a little crowded.

Are staff/faculty welcome to participate at the college/university classes?